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Book: Outside the Catholic Church there is Absolutely No Salvation (2nd edition)

"By far the best and most in-depth book that has ever been written on the Catholic Church's infallible teaching on the necessity of the Catholic Faith and the Sacrament of Baptism for salvation." (From many who have read it)

335 pages.

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Audio: Outside the Catholic Church there is Absolutely No SalvationAn in-depth discussion of Outside the Church There is No Salvation and the water baptism issue.

This tape covers in detail the controversial issue of salvation. It goes through the dogmatic pronouncements on Outside the Church There is No Salvation, discusses the history of the “baptism of desire” idea, and shows how it was not the belief of the early Church. It covers and critiques some of the outrageous distortions present in the books promoting baptism of desire, such as those published by the SSPX. It discusses Fr. Feeney’s case and answers objections. This program is definitely worth listening to in order to get a fair and accurate picture of what the Church teaches on this extremely important dogma – so denied in our day.

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